Good changes in program structure lives on

Last time . Electronic Environment Conference was held, there were some major changes in the conference program structure. Changes that will remain even at the conference 2016.

EE2016+atom-logga_72ppi_RGBElectronic Environment Conference has been organized recurring since 2007, and before 2016 edition of the event presented two really big news. The conference is organized at the Kista Expo Center, and then parallel to the SEE 2016 – Scandinavia’s largest meeting place for the professional electronics industry.


EE Conference held thus for the fifth time for the electronics EMC, ESD, environmental engineering for the electronics, and energy storage, and the last event was held there was some news in the conference program, which is now also found in planning in 2016.


– One of the biggest news last time the event was held was the addition of the new electronics area of ​​energy storage, as a very natural complements to the other disciplines, said Dan Wallander, project manager for the EE 2016 and continues;

– The new electronic area was very well received by the conference participants, so energy storage is here to stay.


Likewise, the conference program was divided into themed areas, which were divided into current electronics areas. The effect was a conference program in two dimensions, which was very appreciated. So although this will be included in the program in 2016.

Parallel to S.E.E 2016

The biggest news for 2016 is undoubtedly that Electronic Environment Conference this time arranged in parallel with the Scandinavian region’s largest meeting place for the professional electronics industry, S.E.E, 2016 at the Kista Expo Center, which provides completely new opportunities.


– Here we are creating a unique opportunity to integrate the exhibition and conference, which creates synergies for both visitors and exhibitors, says Magnus Eriksson, project manager at the Stockholm International Fairs and Dan Wallander agrees;


– When Electronic Environment Conference and S.E.E now runs parallel, that gives an incredibly exciting venue for our electronics areas. The opportunities for interesting meetings for both conference participants that exhibitors will be large, and it becomes a dynamic venue for new knowledge, new contacts and new business.

A day of workshops

Now that EE 2016 runs parallel to the S.E.E also means that the conference program will be extended by an additional day in relation to the previous year, to a total of three days. The first day dedicated to workshops, and the remaining days of the oral presentations and poster presentations. As before, the man that conference participants choose if you want to go one or more days. The new form of EE Conference also means a great benefit for the exhibitors, who can still benefit from taking part in connection with the conference area, and now additionally take place at Scandinavia’s largest meeting place for the electronics industry.


– All catering services will be directly connected to the exhibition, the conference participants will automatically look there, says Dan Wallander and continues;

– Dynamics and integration between the conference and exhibition are very important elements in our efforts to create a venue that provides both impressions and impressions, knowledge and business. I’m really looking forward to April 2016, concludes Dan Wallander, Electronic Environment Conference.