Finally, the complete EMC Handbook

Michel Mardiguian . has for many years been an internationally recognized writer and lecturer. Michel’s popular series of EMC-articles in Electronic Environment has also been published on the magazine’s international website with readers from all over the world. Michel Mardiguian has now compiled the large number of articles and course material, for a comprehensive handbook.

This dense but complete EMC handbook reviews all the fundamentals of EMC knowledge and practices . The book contains the following chapters: What is EMI/EMC? Conduction Coupling, Radiation coupling, Cable-to-cable Coupling or Crosstalk, Shielded cables, Shielding of boxes and enclosures, Coupling from and to the power mains, EMC filters, General overview of the Civilian and Military EMC norms, Troubleshooting EMI, Simple hints for identifying and fixing EMI troubles,  and EMC Quiz with answers after each chapter for self-study.


Michel Mardiguian, IEEE Senior Member, graduated electrical engineer BSEE, MSEE, born in Paris, 1941. Michel Mardiguian started his EMC career in 1974 as the local IBM EMC specialist. From 1976 to -80, he was also the French delegate to the CISPR Working Group on computer RFI, participating to what became CISPR 22, the root document for FCC 15-J and European EN55022.


In 1980, he joined Don White Consultants (later renamed ICT) in Gainesville, Virginia, USA, becoming Director of Training, then VP Engineering. He developed the market of EMC seminars, teaching himself more than 160 classes in the US and worldwide.


Established since 1990 as a private consultant in France, teaching EMI, RFI, and ESD classes and working on consulting tasks from EMC design to firefighting. One top involvement has been the EMC of the Channel Tunnel, with his British colleagues of Interference Technology International. Michel has authored 9 widely sold handbooks, two of them being translated in Japanese and Chinese, plus two books co-authored with Don White. He has presented 28 papers at IEEE and Zurich EMC Symposia, and various conferences, and authored 23 articles in technical magazines.


For the past four years, Michel has been a recurrent author within EMC for the Electronic Environment magazine and for the international web portal “”.


This is a book you must have.


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